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We love our Texan Community!

At Brilliant Energy we believe that our community is what makes us thrive. Beyond giving us the ability to serve as an electricity provider, our fellow Texans share our values of kindness and contribution to make Texas a better place.

Harris County Animal Shelter

The Veterinary Public Health Division (VPH) of Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services (HCPHES) works to create a safe and healthy environment for animals and people. Last Year, the shelter took in more than 26,000 animals that were strays, surrendered by their owners or abandoned. VPH also partners with rescue groups and the veterinarian community and participates in a variety of community outreach events. To view the animals currently at HCPHES Veterinary Public Health or to learn about volunteering and donation opportunities at the shelter visit their website.

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Brilliant Energy

Tax deductible monetary gifts can be made to Friends of CountyPets, the non-profit organization that helps support the important work of the HCPHES Veterinary Public Health Shelter.  To learn more about Friends of CountyPets visit their website or Facebook page.

Citizens for Animal Protection

Citizens for Animal Protection, or CAP, provides shelter, adoption and foster care for stray pets. The organization also provides community outreach and education programs advocating love and respect for all animals.
CAP hosts an annual dog house competition at the World Series of Dog Shows. Each year, several families and organizations build and donate dog houses that are sold in an auction to raise money for CAP. We were proud to sponsor the competition this year as well as provide our own entry.
There are many opportunities at CAP to volunteer, donate or adopt a pet. To learn more about CAP, visit their website or Facebook page

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Spay-Neuter Assistance Program

Brilliant Energy

Spay-Neuter Assistance Program, or SNAP, advocates and provides spaying and neutering services to reduce animal overpopulation. SNAP also provides other basic medical services such as protection against preventable diseases. SNAP provides low-cost services so that more pet owners can have access to the medical services that keep pets healthy and safe. The organization’s vision is a world where there are no homeless pets.
SNAP currently provides their services in the Houston and San Antonio areas through low-cost clinic locations and mobile clinics. Visit SNAP's Spay/Neuter page and Wellness Services page for more information. If you would like to help, you can make a donation to SNAP from their wish list or volunteer your time.
To learn more about SNAP visit their website or Facebook page.

Doggy Party on the Plaza

Doggy Party on the Plaza is a free annual event held at CityCentre in Houston. Visitors can bring their dogs and experience over 80 pet booths, giveaways, contests, and much more. The Rescue Me! Parade features adorable and adoptable pets strutting on the streets! For more information visit the Doggy Party website.

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