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Brilliant Energy & My Account

Q. Who is Brilliant Energy?
A. We are a Houston-based retail electricity provider who has served Texans since 2007. We strive to create  a great customer experience, provide competitive prices, and facilitate constant improvement. We care about having happy employees because we believe that those employees make our customers happy.

Q. Where does Brilliant Energy serve?
A. We serve in most deregulated areas of Texas. To find out if we serve your area you can contact us or enter your zip code.

Q. What makes Brilliant Energy’s customer service great?
A. Brilliant Energy believes that great customer service is all about making the customer experience as easy and as comfortable as possible. We have worked to create transparency so that our customers never feel kept in the dark. Our easy-to-read billing explains where every charge comes from, and we take the time to address any questions and needs you might have. We believe that a great customer experience also involves treating you with the respect and fairness you deserve.

Q. What plans does Brilliant Energy offer?
A. We offer both residential and commercial plans that provide you with service that is customized to meet your needs.
Brilliant Energy offers several customizable plans: Brilliant Freedom, Brilliant AutoSave, and Brilliant Green. Each of these plans is at a fixed rate and is available for a range of contracts from 6 months to 36 months. If you would like to learn more about our residential plans, please visit our residential page.
To receive a commercial energy quote, please visit our commercial page.

Q. Whom do I contact to report a power outage?
A. We're sorry to hear about your outage. We hope that we can help you resolve your issue as soon as possible! To experience the fastest resolution, please contact your local TDU, who controls the power lines in your area. You can find your TDU contact information on our power outages page, or contact us and we will give you the contact information based on your service area.

Q. How do I refer a friend?
A. We welcome any friends and relatives who want to sign up with us, and we would like to thank you for your support! You can refer a friend and receive your $50 bill credit by joining the Brilliant Energy Referral Program and having your friend mention you upon signing up. When your friend mentions that they were referred, they will receive a $50 gift card!

Q. How do I transfer my service?
A. To transfer your services please email us at and include the following information:

  • Name
  • Current service address
  • Account number
  • Last four digits of your social security number (This will be used as a verification of your identity)
  • New service address
  • Date that you want service to begin at your new address

Q. What happens if I move in the middle of my contract? Will I still receive an Early Termination Fee (ETF)?
A. If you move in the middle of your contract and cancel your services with us, you will not receive an ETF. Please note that you  need to let us know about your move so that we can cancel your contract.

Q. How do I change my AutoPay information?
A. To change your AutoPay information, you can create a new bank account option and remove the old account. You can add an account to your AutoPay online through myBE or by making a one-time payment and checking the box to set up AutoPay. You can also add an account to AutoPay by contacting customer care at (713) 789-8800 (local) or (877) 789-8801 (toll-free).

Q. How do I sign up for AutoPay?
A. You can sign up for AutoPay online through myBE or by making a one-time payment and checking the box to set up AutoPay. You can also contact our customer care specialists at (713) 789-8800 (local) or (877) 789-8801 (toll-free).

Q. How do I enroll in paperless billing?
A. If you already have an account with us and would like to change your billing method, please contact us by phone at (713) 789-8800 (local) or (877) 789-8801 (toll-free) or by email at