The more you know, the more you save.

Brilliant Energy

Brilliant Energy supports energy conservation and clean energy initiatives, as well as helps you save money. The tools that we use in our development can also be employed by you to track and manage your monthly usage, and keep your demand down during peak times.

Monitor Your Usage

Smart Meter Texas allows 24/7 access to view your electricity usage, which can help you monitor your consumption and reduce your electricity bill.

Conservation and Education

Brilliant Energy partner, Power to Save Texas, offers many helpful tools, including current grid conditions, email alerts, and a savings calculator that demonstrates how changing your habits can help you save money and conserve energy.

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Texas Efficiency Connection

Efficiency Connection is an online marketplace offered to residential customers in the CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric and AEP Texas service areas where you can buy LED light bulbs at a discount compared to standard retail price! LED lamps help you save money by requiring less electricity, keeping your home cooler, and decreasing your light bulb costs due to their longer life span.

Limited quantities are available! Offer is valid until December 2015.

CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric and AEP Texas customers click here to visit Efficiency Connection. Please provide your ZIP code when prompted.

Another website to buy LED light bulbs is: